Do you know what you need to do, but not sure which software will do it? We can help you organize and prioritize your needs, determine applicable software, and help you install and configure the best choice for you.

Do you have several computers that all need to talk to one another? We can create an internal network so that your computers can communicate and share information.

Do you know what existing software can do, but can't figure out how to use it? We can sift through all the "techie" manuals and create easy to follow "how to" manuals. We can also train your employees to make the most out of your software purchase.

Do you need to store documents in a central location, providing you quick and easy access to them? Do you need flexible security, allowing certain people to view the documents, while giving others the ability to update them? We can implement an individualized system giving you complete control.

Do you have a finite amount of resources with an infinite need to use them? While we aren't able to alter the known laws of physics, we can help you schedule resources to obtain maximum usage efficiency. This could be a new system, or simply putting your existing system "on-line" to increase visibility.

Do you have a system you'd like to automate, but can't find an "off-the-shelf" application to get the job done? We can design custom applications modeled for your business and adapted to your specific needs.

Would you like to give more than contact information with every business card? We can pipe your existing website/product catalog onto a business card CD for maximum information visibility.

Do you sell a complex product? Would you like a dynamic visual aid to help persuade prospective customers to buy your product? We can create interactive flash animations that demonstrate the value of your product and excite your potential customers.

And yes, we do web sites. We can implement a database that follows a consistent, easy to understand design, while allowing you to create and edit content without having to rely on a developer each time you need to make changes. In some cases, we can even pipe data from your other systems so your web site is always up-to-date and informative.

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a consultation, please contact us.
George A. Fitch III